Camera switching!

Would it be possible to add a hot key that switched between the available cameras? Something like ctrl+shift+num0? So it I had 3 cameras in the scene it would rotate between them.

I often use Blender for theatrical design so it’s helpfull to be able to switch between different cameras to check sight lines (what people at the extremes of audience seating will be able to see). I’m happy to have the option to change camera views at all but a camera switching hot key would save me a lot of time.

Also… Could some form of scale measurement be added to Blender. Even if it just told you what a given objects outide boudarys would be at a chosen scale. My curent method is to model something and then, in edit mode, re-size all the vertices until they fit ito a 1 X 1 X 1 (blender units) box. Then I exit edit mode and use the n-key to enter the correct size of the object. Very cumbersome, but it does work.

Demanding aren’t I,

You should post feature request like that over at (either in the forums or in the feature request tracker) since it’s a lot easier to manage them if they are all regrouped at the same place.


Thanks, I wasn’t sure where to ask.


Mind you at the moment, they are just too damn popular :smiley:


That’s the truth!