Camera targeting moving object

how can i get a camera to follow an object moving on a path? are there tutorials somewhere for this? have looked in the manual but it didn’t find anything.
thanks rayl

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You can set a camera up with a Track To constraint so it will follow the Constraint’s Target object. If you want a little more control over the camera, such as being able to manipulate the roll axis, then set up an Empty to follow your pathed object (such as with a Copy Location constraint), and use the Empty as the Track To constraint target. Common Track To settings for a camera are: track on the -Z axis with +Y as the up direction.

are there tutorials on this somewhere?

Could you explain further Chimpmasque? Why -Z and up Y instead of +Z?

Haha, it’s been years of tracking cameras for me and I still don’t understand this! I just keep clicking combinations until I get one that works, sad huh?

To better understand those settings, with the camera selected, go into the object panel, and under ‘display’, enable the ‘axis’ check box. Now the camera will display it’s local axis. +Z points to the back of the camera, -Z is the direction the camera is pointed in, and +Y points upwards. +X is to the right of the camera and -X is to the left…


Revolt_Randy, I owe you a beer dude…

Tell the " model " of camera, you were talking about…