CAMERA to VIEW in ubuntu is not cooperateing...

Hi. I recently found out alt-ctrl-0 sets the camera to your viewprt location in blender 2.6…I have done it before but now it just returns the blender open window to the sidebar as some kind of window ‘hotkey trick’ for unbunu…the active camera does not do anything…anyone know of this or why?

Install CompizConfig Settings Manager from the Software Center. Run it and go to General -> General Options -> Key Bindings. Change all the bindings that use Ctrl+Alt combination to something else, like Ctrl+Super combination. Most notable combinations there are Ctrl+Alt+Num0 and Alt+Button3. You have to change them, not unbind them, or the manager will restore them to defaults.

Then you may also want to review Window Management section of that manager and hunt down any other Ctrl+Alt hotkeys it defines and deal with them in a similar manner.