Camera to 'view'

I want to be able to zoom/pan/rotate (screen view) around a model and when I think I have a good view ‘i’ location/rotation for the camera … i.e I would like to update the camera settings to match that of my current screen view.
Is this possible in blender or via a script as i’ve not seen any documentation that explains how to do this, if it is at all possble.
(Basically set a screen view/set camera to screen view.)

in advance thanx

Ctrl + Alt + numpad 0


Useful keys:

Ctrl-Numpad 0 sets the current object as the current camera

Ctrl-Alt-Numpad 0 sets the current camera to the current view (which is what you want to do)

To zoom in and out, leave the camera selected and hit G and middle-click to constrain to the camera’s axis.

Nice… thanks.

Thanks for the hint. I have wondered about this possibility as well.
ctr-alt-num0 I will have to remember this.

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