Camera Tracker. Anybody got one?

Hey everyone.
Okay, so with alot of painstaking work on trying to track 3D elements into After Effects (which I do have ways, but it takes wayy too long), I’m sick of working so hard. Only problem is, I spent all my money on After Effects and can’t buy a decent camera tracker!
Soo, I looked for VooDoo Camera Tracker, but can’t seem to download from the site. So, does anybody have a working link I can download from?
And does anybody know when the Blender camera tracker is supposed to be done? I’ve been looking at one in Wiki and it hasn’t been updated in a while.

Yeah, sure.

Here’s the download page:

Here’s the x86 Linux binary:
Here’s the Windows binary:
And, here’s the Windows installer version:

Seems to work ok. I though it wasn’t working at first - I got the point cloud, but nothing happened - no camera movement. Then I realized: the camera in the scene created from the grader example footage begins to move at frame 190 - the first image from the sequence is grader190.tga

Thanks, but these are the very pages I can’t download from. It says, ‘A connection with the server cannot be established’
Maybe it’s my firewall, i’ll see.

Nope, not the firewall. I can’t download from the pages provided. I have no clue why.

Hmmm. How frustrating.

A Domain Name Server may be down in your neck of the woods, or a router may be out. Then of course there’s always Port Blocking (i think it’s called that) in the firewall options that lets you block all ftp access without specifying a single http or ftp address.

You could always try pinging them to make sure you have connectivity. If you open up a command prompt and type “ping” - it should get resolved into the IP address I get 100% packet loss i.e no packets returned, but the important thing is the name being resolved into a numbered address. This tells you that DNS is working.

Then you could always do a “tracert”(traceroute in linux) This will tell you the name of all the routers any traffic must go through to get from you to their ftp server. This step will tell you if any routers are out along the way.

But, anyway

If you like, I can grab one and put it up at SaveFile for ya.
I could do this the day after tommorow, you’d just have to say which version you’d like. - linux, win32 or win32 with installer


thanks everyone, i downloaded it via an FTP program that i found, i was all YES! so thanks… it worked

now if I could just get the damn e-on Vue 6 Infinite PLE download to work… it wont work either way… ftp or no ftp… very frustrating… can anybody post a working link for that if you use it, please?

I know you already found what you were looking for, but if you can use Icarus, here’s the link.
I think you have to have a python script to import the tracked camera data into blender, but here you go.