Camera tracker interlaces my footage?


I am trying to track my footage with the camera tracker and it seems to get interlaced for some reason? It gets striped, and on most frames there is some ghosting…
When I open the same footage in the video sequence editor and render it, it looks normal. Can anyone help?


edit: The picture on the right is slightly lower res because the render resolution was set to the default 50%

What are the footage properties and what was the camera used? Avchd uses a frame segmented approach to recording its hd frame that looks very similar to interlace and isn’t interpreted correctly by blender. You would have to transcode it externally first.

It does look to me like you have to transcode or de-interlace. And while you’re at it, trasncode your footage to an image sequence.
Blender tracking works so much better with an image sequence than with video files.

Hmm I don’t agree. My movie clips work fine if not interlaced and have proxy timecode generated. But yes blender is designed to use frame sequences best.

I guess it all depend on the codec…

I’m using a JVC Everio HD camera, not sure what model anymore, but it does use AVCHD… I’ll try transcoding it!