Camera Tracking an Image Rather than a Video

Within the last two years (I’m pretty sure) I’ve seen two videos for two blender projects gone very very right. One video was for a plugin and the other was for a tutorial. Regardless of how much I search and filter, I can’t seem to find them though, so I’m asking my fellow blender community for their eyes. I’d like to utilize the plugin for a new project of mine, but I think the tutorial would also work just fine.

The first video I saw was for a plugin that would allow the user to trace lines within an image, then it would calculate the geometry of the world (within the image, of course). The user could then animate/add-to items within the image as if it were a world they had created within blender. Hopefully someone else has seen this video as well and can provide a link.

The second video I saw was very similar to the first, but it didn’t use code. The tutorial was of how to insert meshes (in this case, cubes) into the geometry of a photograph (in this case, along a road between two tall hedges) as if the mesh had been in the photograph at the time it was taken. I think it may have been in french, but I’m not certain. If someone who knows the video I’m speaking of could provide a link, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks for your help.

The BLAM addon is probably what you are after. You can solve from 1 or 2 vanishing points and reconstruct a regular mesh from grease pencil sketch.

That’s it! Thanks so much.