Camera tracking - car window footage

Trying to track footage taken from the side window of a car, the end goal is to sign-replace all the shops in a street as they pass by.

the problem: my tracking markers have to be present at start and end of the tracked shot, so I can only track a small segment of the total shot - as soon as they pass out of view I’m stuck. Is there a good way of extending the tracked shot, and has anyone else tried this? Thanks

Have you tried 4-Corner-Pin tracking for the sign replacements? I don’t think you’d need a full 3D track for something like that.

you have to have the same 8 markers present for the keyframes but they don’t have to be there for the whole shot…you can just add more markers as you go. Add new markers well before the old markers pass out of view and make sure you have at least 8 markers active for any frame.

This track only had a couple of markers that went the whole clip,

Thanks to both of you for your answers. I could use 4-point tracking for the signs but would have the same problem when each sign disappears from view, and I want to be able to add other elements to the scene too eventually. So gpaprmh do I need to create several different tracks with different start-end keyframes to cover the whole scene? Will have to play about with this.

well, I just did the one track and just added markers to cover the whole clip… not sure if separate tracks joined together would be better or worse

Think I have misunderstood how the tracking system works - I assumed the track was only calculated between the two keyframes.

The 3D space solve occurs in between the keyframes, the rest are to tell the camera what to do in that 3D space.

Got it working - thanks again :slight_smile: