Camera Tracking - Fuji 2500HD settings

Probably an epic long shot here, but wth, figured I’d give it a go…

I’ve spent ages trying to google and hunt down the exact focal length and lens width for my camera, the Fuji S2500HD. Had no luck finding the information I need,

Was wondering if anyone in here uses the same Camera.

Additional Info:
Im pretty useless when it comes to cameras, no idea what half the terminology means etc… if it helps however, this is written on the rim of the lens… f-5.0-90.0mm 1:3.1-5.6

Thanks in advance for any sage like advice.

One of the selling points of that camera was its huge zoom range. Your focal length could be between 28 and 504 mm, depending on where you set the zoom. I think by “lens width” you really mean sensor size, which is 1/2.3", or 6.2mm x 4.6mm. Or maybe you mean aperture/f-stops, in which case you either set that in manual mode, or in auto mode you can get from the information stored with the image.

May I suggest if you’re going to do serious compositing, you need to learn some of the basics of how a camera works. Actually it’s useful knowledge for 3d modeling and rendering in general.

Sorry, my bad there… I just re-read my post and I didn’t actually specify why I was after the figures. It’s for camera tracking, which asks for the focal length and sensor width (not lens width like I posted sigh) … but thanks, those numbers should be what I’m after I think.