Camera tracking - how to get the scale right?


for another test I shot a very simple scene with my Canon EOS 6D with the 25-105L f/4 at 24mm. I panned about 90° from the left to the right, standing in a crossing. The track itself looks good and I have a solve error of 0.4160. However, the scale is all wrong. Stuff that is well 200m away appears too close relative to the tracking points on the street and the house. This isn’t solved by just upscaling the camera settings. I tried the “set scale” option in tracking but that just changed the scale of everything. The relations are still all wrong.

Here is a top view of my scene.

And here is a map snapshot (UTM projection). I put corresponding markers to the map. Especially the distance of the camera to the house I was in front of is grossly exaggerated in relation to the other distances…

What can I do to prevent/solve those kinds of problems?


Here’s an overlay… No matter how I scale, I don’t get it to fit…