Camera Tracking, Joining & Camera Settings

So I’ve looked around at tutorials for the camera tracking. I get the basic idea, place markers, high contrast, etc…and then Blender has the capability of determining the camera.

What I’m not sure about is how you track when something is moving past your markers, for example. I see there is a join feature, but I’m not clear how that works. Is it joining in a way where you manually place the markers when the obstacle moves in front…do you place totally different/independent markers between clips to account for the obstacle…both? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what I’m trying is a little fun exercise of putting a 3D model in that scene from Jurassic Park where they first see the dinosaurs…damn brachiosaurus is walking in the way of the trackers! Sooo…that brings to mind…anyone have any idea how to set the camera settings in such a case? I don’t really have the manual haha…

Can you share any sample footage?