Camera Tracking more than 1 Object!!

Hi , I have a sphere in the main layer , and when happen a collision in random place we have an actuator (end shpere) and (add cube) that is in another layer… but the camera is not tracking the cube… only the sphere… Someone can help??:spin:

You can’t just expect the camera to know to look at a new object when the original one has been removed. You need to make the camera aware that the original object is gone, then tell it to switch its focus.

I did that!! one camera tracking shpere and another tracking cube!

So, you have 2 cameras?
Sorry if this is frustrating you, your question was really vague. :frowning:


  • 2 cameras in main layer:one for shpere(is working) second for cube(not working)
  • sphere is in main layer and cube in second layer.
    -shpere colides with place im map and ends…
    -at the same moment i add cube with actuator from second layer for the first layer.
    -but camera is not tracking!

[How to: deal with TrackTo and added Objects](How to: deal with TrackTo and added Objects)