Camera tracking, poor results

I bought the camera tracking DVD, and working through the tutorials. Great DVD, learning a lot.

What I’m wondering though, I’m following along and tracking the example footage. In the DVD, he seems to get pretty good tracks. The build of blender their using, has the Hybrid tracker. Where I’m using the latest build, and I’m having a heck of a time getting clean tracks, and I’m using the same objects he’s using in the tutorials. For those that know these tutorials, I’m working on the old factory footage. Was able to get a .37 solve error (he got .32). Then he added a bunch more tracks, after showing how to maually composite the scene (because his object was sliding slight c
because of no tracks near that area. All the objects he tracked, I’ve been unable to keep them from sliding. And it seem tracking frame by frame isn’t yielding a good result. His solve error jumped to .37, where mine jumper to 16.something.

Anyone have any advice on camera tracking? Or worked through the DVD and experienced this?

Are the older builds better for camera tracking?

So you were able to get a .37 when he got a .32 But when you added more tracks he got a .37 and you got a 16? That just seems odd. Assuming you did not miss a step or do something by accident, you can click on each tracker and see the resolve for the individual tracker. I would delete the bad ones and try again.

I kept going back over the tutorial again, because I wanted to make sure I was learning along the way. With this particular tutorial, you start by tracking 8 points individually, then you add a 9th. The first time I ran through it, my points wouldn’t track the same as his. They kept losing track and moving completely off the object I was tracking. So I took a great deal of time and manually tracked each, frame by frame, and the best I could get was a .6 something solve. I wasn’t happy, that he had a .32, and the best I had was a .6. So I deleted all my tracks and and started over. Later in the tutorial, he added 2 more points. So I did the original 9, Plus the 2 extra. This time for some reason, my tracks stuck, and I was able to track without issue, and Achieved the .37 solve error.

In a different video, he goes back to the scene and adds about 4 or 5 more points. I sat down and worked through this part, and again, I couldn’t get my tracks to stick, they were all over the place. So I did the frame by frame thing again. This time around it didn’t work in my favor, even a little. I had to leave for work, so I didn’t save my progress. When I get home, going to give it a go again. This time, I’m going to reset all my settings to default. Not sure if I mucked with anything. So ill reset. I’m just curious why he hasnt had much issue tracking the objects, and I’m on the same footage, and getting terrible results.