Camera Tracking problem (markers too fast, camera shaking)

Hello Friends.
I have a little big problem. I’m playing with camera tracking. Everything is looking good at the beginning. After all tracking job is done all markers looking good, solve error is 0,2, after setting the scene and everything else everything looks good but when I render the scene something is getting bad. First seconds of rendered clip are great, but later something is going wrong. Objects added to scene starting to slide in weird ways. When I’m looking at the scene in Blender after that markers aren’t good anymore. They’re moving too fast I think. Something wrong is with the clip too. Some frames are “jumping” or “shaking”. It’s like there are other frames in wrong places. When I open some of the earlier saves after that markers that earlier was moving good now are moving too fast too. I tried to start tracking few times with few different clips and on two versions of Blender (2.64a and 2.65a) and all the time I have the same problem.

And another, I think easier problem:
I cannot also cache to more than 1024. It was OK yesterday but today it isn’t.

Thanks for help in adv. Sorry for my bad English.

I’ve changed the format of the clip and now it looks OK, at least on the first try. We’ll see next later.

make sure your frame rate render settings also matches your clip.
also it sounds like as you were switching between versions you must have reset the cache limit back to default (maybe). you can change the cache settings in user preferences. system tab, then scroll to the bottom, memory cache limit. and set the limit to your systems memory specs

I know where to change it, but even if I put 2048 or more it changing to 1024 again.