Camera Tracking "Set up Tracking Scene"

I’ve tracked my footage (average solve error of about 0.2) and I’m trying to place a rigged model of Charmander onto my table.
When I set up the tracking scene, blender automatically sets up a bunch of nodes for me however the only thing that I can see when I render the image is my footage. I cannot see the Charmander.

Also when I go into the Node Editor the two render layers “Background” and “Foreground” are both blank and I cannot get it to show my Charmander model. I’m using Blender 2.63.14,
if need be I can post the .blend file, can somebody please help I’ve been trying to do what I thought was going to be simple for about a week and I cannot find any tutorials online that fix my problem it seems to be working fine for everyone else. :frowning:

I could be very, very wrong (still learning how to use the tracker myself), but from all of the tutorials I’ve seen, it seems like you have to render out your CGI elements separately, then composite them together with your footage in the node compositor.