camera tracking, solving camera

hey peoples,
i am using blender tomato branch and i am trying to solve the camera. ive got markers all over the place some that are ment to be on the floor / the grid and some that not. but these bundles i have made are just randoly placed in the air and when the camera trys to move its supposed to move like it does in the video but dosent. instead it will move in a very incorrect way and when it gets to certain frames or areas of the video the camera will jump around and appear in random places.
anyone know how to fix this

check the documentation,
not every video can be used.
To resolve the tracking there has to be some decent moving
in the video.
For example its noted, that videos made from a tripod
is nearly unusable because there is no shifting of the view
to identify objects from different view-points (because a record
from a tripod has only one single view-point).
Check the sample/tutorial videos and try to produce
a video (from the animation view) like used there.

ok then