Camera Tracking: Static Camera, Translating Scene / Static Scene, Translating Camera

Boujou Camera Tracking software has these export settings after doing a solve (Static Camera, Translating Scene / Static Scene, Translating Camera). Static Camera, Translating Scene allows you to inverse the motion object data. For example, if you where tracking an object on a rotation device, the tracked features can then be transferred to the camera as a 360 degree rotation around the object. It is as if the camera was on a rig that rotated around the object from the beginning.

A movie example of this feature is Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow. There was an underwater mini submarine scene with Angela Jolie and the some other guy. The camera shot was like it rotated around them in the sub underwater. That scene was shot against a bluescreen with a constructed mini-sub with markers on it and it was on a rotation device. It was tracked and the data from the sub was shifted to the camera.

Can Blender do this as well or not?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it can.

As long as the track points are on the rotating object, Blender will assume it is the camera moving round the object rather than the other way round.

Thanks YogYog,

So I guess I would tracked the object and apply that object track data as a camera solve. Will try today.