Camera Tracking test.

After viewing Sebastian Konig’s tutorial, I thought I’d give the new camera tracker a try. I made it as easy as possible for the software by making a 3-side reference box for it to track. The track is rock solid.
Sorry for the small image. My still camera only shoots video at 320x240. I need to get a decent video camera.
Thanks to Sergey for creating the software.

Steve S

And another one…

Steve S

those look awesome, tomato branch rules.

+1, Tomato is saucy!
and it goes with everything

Very cool, but why is “tomato” backwards?

(I know… the shadow… but that’s still upside down!)

The lighting is surprisingly well matched to the video. I notice that the compositing is the first thing I notice with these tests, which means the tracks are really good.

Thanks for the comments. There was no particular reason for having the word ‘tomato’ backwards other than wanting the actual tomato to appear near the end. In the first vid I used RGB curves for color correcting, but it turned the green pool table surface to blue when I removed the yellow color cast. For the second one, I used the Color Balance node which gives more control over shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Steve S