Camera Tracking Tests

Fun with the camera tracker! :slight_smile: I know I should remove the trackers on all of them, but this was just some fun tests. I got rid of the points in the first scene by mapping a still image of the table onto a circle, but is there any easier ways to do it?

Thanks! That technique works even with the grain! :wink: That is much easier than what I was doing before.

Did you try it with video, or just a still image. Sometimes it looks good on a still, but becomes apparent in the video, especially if the camera moves around a lot.
You also might want to try smaller markers. If you’ve got a hole punch, try punching out some dots of white paper. They would be big enough for a shot like that. In the pavement scene above, I used pennies spray-painted white.

Steve S

Hmm…yea that was on a still image. Thanks for the tips! :wink: