Camera Tracking tracking - beginner questions

Hi. I am dealing with a project in which I need to place a 3D airship on top of a drone recorded footage.
I have been watching a few tutorials on YT. But I have some questions I would like to ask directly to people that have experience doing this:

I am placing the markers manually. I watched a really good tutorial where the instructor used only 8 and worked out quite well.

  1. Sometimes my trackers show a really smooth curve, but they have only one spike going crazy. The way how I am faxing this is either by scaling up the marker area (yellow boundary) and reprocess. Sometimes works…sometimes not. When it does not I re-run the marker backward. Is this the right way of fixing or am I actually working wrongly? I am afraid that when I run the process backward I am re-doing it all again. Or is the backward process taking into count what I already did forward?

  2. I can see in all tutorials the marker processing is really fast. When I do it on my computer is really slow…taking around 10 minutes. The video is 600 frames long (It is long but I just modified the start/end frame) but it seems really slow. They might be editing the tutorial quite well…but it actually looks like its a fast process.

Thank you for your time.