Camera Tracking with cycles

Hey Guys,

based on a tutorial by Andrew Price I made a ‘happy New Year’-card, aming to make everyone believe it was real, and I really had gone through all the trouble of baking and mixing.

I then decided to make a camera track out of it. The objective was to render with cycles ánd to get shadows and reflections right. Most of the objects on the table are computer generated.
The tracking isn’t perfect, there is some sliding. But all in all, I think it looks nice. You can find it here:

I’dd really like to know what you think, and how I could make it even more convincing.

I like it. Good tracking, good materials. The only thing is the chocolate in the bowl in the background, it doesn’t look to convincing and I think it is a problem with the glass. Maybe it is too thick and to dark, you might want to change those settings. All in all, well done!


Aliasing is definitely an issue, it’s a dead give-away. I also believe the rendered plate is a bit too saturated… These are basically compositing isses…

Also, a tip. You should de-noise your footage, composite and then CC and re-grain it on top, that’ll also help meld the composite better. :slight_smile:

Hello all of you,

Today I posted a new thread about the subject which similar to that of this threat. I posted:

Hi all,

I’ve been trying it for many ours and many many days now…exacly copying the several online tutorials, and I just dont get the result that I want: camera tracking with Cycles. The tutorials that I saw are only covering the shadow-part of objects, and not the reflections of the floor. (without showing the plane ofcourse) To get rid of the tracking part and focus on the integration of created objects, I took just one frame/image of the movie were I want to place the objects in. The background image (my furniture) requires reflections and a bit of shadow too.

Can someone help me, in particular with the reflections combined with shadow and ambient oclusion.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I hope one of you can help me!!

Thanks in advance again :slight_smile: