Camera Tracking with Path Constraints

So, the title says it all… I’m trying to make the camera track an empty in the middle of the map following a Bezier circle(at the same time), but for some reason, the camera will always find a way to not work :confused: sometimes it will be pointed in the wrong direction and sometimes the camera will roll. I tried to put a rotation constraint before the track, but nothing works…this is getting me really annoyed …anyone know how to fix this?

If you want to know, this is to make animating the camera much easier than conventional ways.

…this is to make animating the camera much easier …

Yes, I’m going to use these constraints to make animating the camera easier. If I have these constraints, then all I have to do is move along the beizer circle and the locrot it.

The only constraint that works is the rigid body,

1 option is to have a camera “animation” where you move the camera all the way through a scene,
and then use python or logic to set the animation property to where the camera “base” should be.

So basically keyframe the whole level, with planes on the ground,

if player is touching plane 1 - camera is at frame 3 etc.

Check this out

Python 1- Set message as own[‘Frame’]

python 2 - Receive message and set camera[‘Frame’]

Camera then uses property “Frame” to control Action/animation


CameraTrackCode.blend (516 KB)

Bump this cam rig might be a resource.