Camera Tracking?

(banana_sock) #1

is there a way i can get the camera to follow a path, but always rotate to keep track of an object? Im trying to follow a moving object, but move around and look at it from different angles while im at. I know i could keyframe this, but there might be an easier way…

(Schlops) #2

Select camera, select object to track, CRTL-T

(gowen) #3

Also before you hit Ctrl-T do an Alt-R on the camera to remove any rotations. Any rotation is added to the tracking, meaning that the camera does not point straight at the object. Once, the camera is tracking then you can add rotation to fine tune its direction. Also, you will proabably need to turn on PowerTrack in the animation buttons to keep the cameras orientation correct during animation.

(sonix) #4

One of the easiest ways I use for camera tracking, whilst the camera is following a path, is as follows:-

Using top view and side view, position the 3d cursor where you want the camera to start. Then select the camera and press shift and S. Snap the camera to the cursor (Sel-Cur). Then press space to open the Add menu.

Add a curve>bezier circle/curve (If you want a simple circular path add circle). Exit edit mode, and make sure you are in wireframe view mode or you won’t see the bezier circle. Make the circle the parent of the camera, and got into anim buttons. You will see a length of the circle in frames, and ‘Curve To’ and I think ‘Folow Curve’(sorry haven’t got blender in front of me.) Select both of these buttons and return to the 3d window.

Your camera now needs to be selected on it’s own. Then click on the little chain link icon (Constraints buttons). Then Add an new constraint, which should be ‘Track To’ by default. Enter the name of the object you wish to track in the 'Ob: ’ button. Use Alt A to watch the anim.

If you want to move the Bezier curve in different directions, enter the edit buttons when in Edit mode and select the 3D button.

Hope this is of some help.