camera tracking


This is a double question.

1.- Is there any tool in blender to follow the movement of a camera in a video? I’m talking about camera tracking. The idea is to insert CG graphics in real video so you have to have information about the movement of the real camera to coordinate it with the virtual camera.

2.- One of my aims is to move the virtual camera in a real way. Is there anything written on this? Tricks to add “real” vibrations or shakes or blurrings to the virtual camera?

Thanks in advance!!!

  1. goto the menu and select View > background image
    from there select your video file and then select the auto refresh button to make sure it changes for every frame you move it. Make sure your in camera mode to see it though.
    (some videos may not work do to codecs)

  2. as to do camera tracking and shake a little, you’d just have to move the camera a little bit at a time each frame from what I’ve done

Do a google search for “Voodoo Camera Tracking”. You need to convert the video into separate .tga images in their own directory. Hope it works out for you!

You can use the mouse record function in the IPO window to move the camera in real time with your mouse and record the motion. This will give very realistic camera shakes to your virtual camera.