Camera translation in game engine

I have a script to animate a camera from a predeterminated point to another with a smooth transition, butnot in the game engine…Somebody make this in the GE?

For example…

I really appreciate your help

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I think I understand what you’re asking now. When you rotate the camera, you don’t get the desired results. That has to do with a problem in the way getOrientation() and setOrientation() work. The solution is very complicated. It would take me hours to explain it or write scripts for you, and I’m sorry but I do not have the time to do that right now.

Instead of using Python scripts and the Orientation matrix, I would suggest using the camera and three empties (one for each axis). Make one empty the parent of the second empty, the second the parent of the third, and the third the parent of the camera. Give each empty an IPO curve for one axis, X Y and Z repsectively. Then when you want the camera to rotate in the game engine, run the animation on the correct empty using the IPO actuator. This is a much simpler solution and should solve your problem just as well.

Blendenzo… your explanation are very usefull… thanks for all!!!

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