Camera Trouble

I have been having trouble with one scene’s camera lately.

Here’s what’s going on:

I add a camera and position it in object mode (As you must) from a non-camera viewpoint. No matter where I position the camera, I receive the same view, and once in camera viewpoint (numpad 0) there is no outer purple line defining the camera as an object, so it can’t be moved in that viewpoint. So I basically get the same image no matter where I position the camera, and the camera is just zoomed in on an object to the point where it would be worthless to render.

Any ideas or fixes?

  1. Have you got more than one camera? If you do then it’s probably still using your first camera.

  2. Does the camera stay where it is when you move it? Or does it move back? You may need to lock it in position by pressing L > loc.

  3. Perhaps it’s on a hidden layer, make sure all layers are turned on with the tilde (~) key.

You have to make your new camera active. Select your new camera and press ctrl - numpad 0

position it in object mode (As you must)

Go into perspective mode rotate your view around so it looks nice and then from the view menu in the 3d header select View->align view->align active camera to view. The shift numpad 0 shortcut for this doesn’t work for all windows systems but works on my linux system.


Use ctrl+0 to switch the camera in Windows :wink: