Camera trouble

Hi, I’ve got a GE problem, when I play my game (beginning of a game) my 3rd person camera seems to be shifting views when i turn my car. Here’s the .blend file so you can have a look, I’ve tried everything I know of that might solve it, but I don’t even know whats causing this to happen, because it has never happened before. Thanks!

before you parent the camera to the car apply the scale and rotation

how do I do that?

ctrl a
(lol message too short -.- )

Sorry I tried that but It didnt work, the problem still remains… :frowning:

instead of parenting use a camera actuator than, if ur are okay with that

Sure if you could explain what a camera actuator is:P I think it’s when you move the camera manually or something like that, am i right?

clcik ur camera…then add an always actuator to it, hook it up to a controller, and then to a camera actuator.
in the camera actuator put the name of the object u wanna track.

I tried that but it still doe’snt work! It’s like when i turn my car the camera switches view to the right, and then to left, so when i keep turning the car it looks like the camera is mounted to a rotating disc.