Camera tutorials?

I cant figure out the camera. I have one, and when I click on the outside frame of it to select it, nothing happens. When I drag it farther away from my object, nothing happens when viewed from the camera.
Is there a camera tut for the complete idiot?:o

Um, I dunno about tutorials, but there’s an easy way to get started. Switch a viewport to camera with numpad 0, and then hit SHIFT-F for flymode. WASD + RF move you in six directions, the mousewheel controlls speed, the mouse’ position relative to the center of the screen acts as a virtual joystick. Shift slow-brakes, Z clears your roll, leftclick stops, rightclick sends you back to before you started.

Aside that, if you just have the camera selected, G Z Z works good for zoom, G SHIFT-Z SHIFT-Z works good for planar adjustments, and R R, then holding down SHIFT and moving the mouse very slowly works good for aim.

nah. Complete idiots don’t use blender, why should there be tuts for them? Seriously, I don’t know of any actual tutorials, but there is some info in the Manual and in the Intro to Character Animation. The problem could be that you’re in edit mode.

Complete idiots don’t use blender, why should there be tuts for them?
Thats so funny.
Big smiles, thank you so much. I will go play with the camera and try to win.

OK, I won, the camera lost! Thank you. I have to admit, I got pretty sick to my stomach the first 2 times through until I remembered the mouse wheel to slow down.
But now its great fun…
========= added later ==============
The link to the tut for animation, really doesnt say that much… by the end of the tut I had forgotten the shift cntrl num 0 and was dragging the camera around as an object for the final view for the animation (complete idiot comes to mind again) Fly mode is great though.
The manual has more info there, and oh look, so thats what DoFDist is. I saw that mentioned in another post. But the manul doesnt show the fly mode either.
Perhaps all the camera options could be listed in both places. I have never edited a wiki before maybe someone could do it?

Fly mode’s actually a viewport command that happens to drag the camera with if you’re in a camera view; you can use it to position your editing view too. Maybe it’s documented somewhere else because of that? :\