Camera & UVMapping problem

I was working without the layer that I had the multiple “cameras” being on, so that I could see the hair mesh without being obstructed by the outlines of the camera. It went well, and achieved a decent result from the front view. I turned on the camera layer, and did a test render, and the UVmapped hair spazzed out.

What causes this? Are the UVmaps camera dependent? That, and I went to check my Isz, and he “exploded” :frowning:

So, I went back to a version before the UVmap spazzing, and the exploding Isz…
Which is what is posted in my updated Asian Female thread.

Do you perhaps have a duplicate model on the Camera layer?

What the hell is lsz?


Nope. The only things on the Camera Layer are cameras. Like one for “head shots”, diagonal view, side view, pulled back front view, etc.

Oh, and an Isz is a characters from the comic book/animated series called The Maxx.
They were “simple” creatures that resides in an alternate dimension that were brought into this dimension by an evil “wizard”.
My version looks like this:

Hmm… Maybe I should make a Pac-Man to learn on, since everyone SHOULD know what Pac-Man looks like. :smiley:

Hehe… Pac-Man, is that a guy who trains elephants?

Could you please post that file? I’d like to debug it.


Pachyderm Man… :stuck_out_tongue: Heheh…
How/where do I post the .blend? I don’t know if the image hosting site’d do it? :confused:

Here you go:


D’oh! :o I double-checked, and yup. Somehow the hair mesh cloned ITSELF onto the camera layer. Right down to the EXACT same uvmapping, and texture. Odd… I don’t recall issuing any make duplicate & put into seperate layer commands. :confused:
Doesn’t explain the “exploded” creature, but it said something about invalid subsurf when it blew him up. :eek:
Also don’t know how to strip all the “excess junk” away from the .blend file for you to debug about the “exploding” creature. Like the other materials not used by any other mesh in the file. :confused: