Camera View And Rending Help!!! Please!!!

I have been working on a detailed scene and when I look at it through camera view (0 key) and when I render some parts of the total image go missing and the bottom of the image is jagged. If I make the camera closer it shows up but it’s too close. It is not the veiw I want. If I make the camera too far away ( but close enough that it should still be visilbe) it completely disappears. I haven’t changed any camera settings. I have been working on this scene for a while. If I have to scrap it now, i’m going to commit hari kari. Please help a newbie. Any assitance would be great.


Don’t scrap it, woodworker2090. You’re probably running into the “clipping” limits of the camera. Select the camera and look at the editing “camera” panel in the buttons window. There should be a start and end value for clipping, the default is start at 0.1 and end at 100. Chances are your model is larger than 100 units, so the camera is “clipping” the more distant parts out. Increase the end distance value to 200, 500, or whatever you need to get your entire scene shown in the view you want.

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Thanks, that was exactly the problem. I guess there will be no honor killings today, lol.
Thanks for the welcome as well.