Camera View Distance

:mad:Ok, so my problem is when in camera mode, if an object/mesh is too far away, it dissapears! It’s like it can only see a certain distance before turning grey. I had already solved this in one of my games, but that was a while ago…so I forgot. So anyway, can someone please tell me to fix this, it’s a really big deal. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

It disappears because of the camera clip, everything at a certain distance is not rendered for performance reasons. Click in the camera object, then at the camera button at the right menu, below the Lens category you will see two buttons, one to define when the camera clip for far objects starts, and you can also define if objects near the camera will be clipped too(Start: 0.100 is a good value, lesser values can cause alpha sort issues).

With python you can adjust the camera far(end clip) and near planes(start clip) anytime during the game runtime with camera.far and camera.near. I do not know the logic bricks side of this.

Well I believe thats due to the camera limits- I wish I knew how to take it off but you can show the limits- although the button depends on what version your usinig. 2.6x? 2.5x? 2.49?
Oops- never mind me, or what I said- Ignore this…

Thanks Lunarts, this was very helpful, (and obvious) , now my game can get back on track! Would’ve been quite unfortunate having to scrap the game due to a little problem like so.
(If anyone is interested it is a horror game taken place in an abandoned house, with zombies!)