Camera view gone all strange, how do i fix?

Hi i was wondering if anyone knows whats gone wrong with my camera when i go into free fly (shift+f), the view seems to go al distorted and skewed and not how it used to be.

I have tried deleting and replacing the camera and was wondering how i could fix this as i have came to far with this project to restore factory settings.

Heres a video of whats going wrong any help would be much appreciated.

Press the Home key in the 3d view while in camera view to maximise its size in the window

Im using a mac and their doesn’t seem to be a Home key, is their any other way i can reset it?

Using Blender 2.63, Ctrl+Alt+LMB drag or Ctrl+MMB drag depending if you have set ‘Emulate 3 button mouse’ to zoom in/out (you need to have ‘Lock Camera to View’ disabled in the Properties / View panel)

ok i have tried what was stated above with ‘Lock Camera to View’ disabled and still not managed to fix it i need to get the camera centered back on to the crosshairs as the active view is below them.

Also would there be a quick way i could just Load Factory Setting and import all my models into a new set-up?