Camera View help.

hi guys, i didn’t know what to search and called this. i have two camera in my project, the camera is the 1st person view the problem here is when i move my mouse to see the ground it is ok but when i continue to move it in the same direction it rotation goes to 180 degrees. i didn’t know what to do in the second camera but i want my camera look in my character whenever i move it, my friend called it perspective view.

thanks for the response :smiley:

So are you trying to do a first person cam and need to set up limits on rotation for your player’s view, or is the other camera also coming into play?

edit- can you attach your blend file?

sir here is my sample work.TestMouseLook.blend (404 KB), i didn’t know what to add in the 2nd camera to make it move and follow the box…

I am thinking you want the 2nd cam to show the player whenever the player isnt moving and 1st cam to provide perspective when you look around or move.
If this is the case then try a ‘Scene’ actuator and use ‘Set Camera’ mode. You can set a keyboard or mouse controller to inverted and then switch cameras depending on player input. Keep in mind you will have to do the same thing to 1st cam to set the scene camera back.
This is not a smooth transition so you might want to fool around with a camera actuator that tracks into the player object. You could move the origin around to get a good look.