Camera view in view port is not the same as sky map rendered

As the title states, In camera view in the view port, looking at a nicely laid out skymap when I render it, it’s off on it’s own somewhere in the clouds. But when I move the camera to my model, it renders as expected.
How does one adjust the map when this happens?
PS: one can spend hours here while looking through the threads for a solution to their problem while being sidetracked and reading everything else haha

To add a little info, I’m using blender 2.63a. And I have previously successfully rendered a short animation of a skymap image.
Something all of the sudden happened with blender…
In cam view in the view port, I selected the uv sphere>edit>face select and selected the faces inside the camera to see where they positioned in the uv image. The islands, I guess you’d call them were on the mountains scene. Not in the sky. When I render, All I get is sky. Clouds. No land. My camera is inside the sphere. norms in. Maybe I"ll try a recal. now that I’m thinking of it.
I’ve also deleted the camera & tried a new one with the same results. Any suggestions please?

I’m also getting this weird net work around the uv sphere. So I changed from the jpg to png.
Blender isn’t unwrapping correctly I don’t think.