Camera View is in Black Out

When I press 0 to go to my camera, everything is black.
I tried making a new camera. Same thing.
The camera is angled properly and there is nothing in front of it blocking its view of my scene, but when I press 0, everything is black.
I can select one thing from camera view, a plane. It appears that the plane is the ground. When I press “g-key” to grab, I can move the plane, but it appears I am moving a dot, rather than a plane.
This is only in one .blend file, so it’s not a program issue. I think I hit the wrong hot key and messed up my camera, somehow. I tried ctrl+z, but it didn’t change back to normal. When I hit the “wrong hot key”, all the layers were somehow selected. There’s a dot in the first layer. I don’t know if it was there before, but I know only the first layer was selected, originally, as it is the only populated layer.
When I am in camera view and hold alt+Lmouse then rotate my view in the 3d viewport, everything reappears instantaneously.

What’s going on? How do I fix it? Please help me with this problem. Thanks.

A .blend or screenshot would help.


Have you set another object as the default camera? Try selecting the camera and pressing CTRL-NUMPAD 0.

Right, I fixed it last night. This is a duplicate post, raw. You got the right answer. :slight_smile: Thanks.