Camera view & Lens in G.E.

When you start the game engine (G.E.),
the view is “as it was in your 3D window”,
user or camera view.
If you zoom in or out in camera view whilst editing,
your camera view in the G.E. will be also zoomed -
giving the impression that your camera lens might be wrong.

Possible solutions:

  1. Never zoom in camera mode -not good
  2. Make a reference picture & zoom back to that one
    before starting G.E.
  3. Have two cameras, one for G.E. , one for editing,
    Maybe a python script switches cameras when G.E. is activated.

If you know better or if I have not explained properly please tell me.


You can use the camera view doted lines as reference
If you pretend to make “runtimes/.exe” the “outside” of
those lines will be cut off


OTO: Thanks for reply.
If I understand you correctly,
I should note where one corner of the camera outline aligns with some feature in my scene. Always zoom until those are aligned before starting G.E.
I just tried it.
Zooming doesn’t change the relationship between those points.
But it sure changes the view in G.E.
I haven’t tried runtime/.exe yet.

LEMMY:(previous post), A quick google shows that the human eye has a focal length of around 20mm. You were correct on that advice.
I’m not sure how Blenders lens relates to real physics.
The default camera lens is 35mm.
That just happens to be a popular film size - not related to focal length.

Meantime I’ll set it by eye.