Camera view repositioning problem


I don’t really have understanding why camera view behaves in this way.

First of all camera view is somehow selected and placed I can’t change the position. No matter what I do trying to change the position or render selected CTRL + B it renders me different scene.

I am not very familiar with blender but a few things I looked into which is scene: Choose camera ( in case object was selected)
Tried to changed it to view>camera> view as an object or active camera. Still camera view is stuck i that position.

Thanks T

So you have a camera in the desired position, you selected it and then you used View>camera>set active object as camera?

No, it/s not. It shows me kind of blank render at all.

EDIT: I had 2 cameras. Once I changed to another camera I was able to get desired view. Thanks for jumping in to help.

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