camera view

You know when you have something really close to the camera and it goes far away, like one huge plane?
well it makes that fish eye thing, it streches like that when you render and when youre in camera view.
How can i make it look ‘normal’ like when youre not in camera view??

you mean turning perspective on and off? Numpad 5

THanks… think that works…now, ive noticed there is an option ‘orthographic’ in camera settings…what exactly does this do??

Orthographics renders the scene without perspective. i.e. no perspective distortion based off of distance.

so then whats the difference with using 5 and orthographic??

orthographic is for rendering purposes only. numpad 5 doesn’t affect the render.

oohh…ok then.
One more thing:
Iwant it perspective…but somethings are handled to be so big, and when youre close to it (for example a human) it looks weird…with the front soooooo big, this is not how it would look in real life??
is there a way that i could tell blender what my objects’ ‘‘real’’ size are

I’m not good at it, but change the lens size in the Camera. Default is 35. Increase or decrease to get the desired real world size/perspective effect. (Just like a real camera with wide angle lens versus telefoto lens etc).

figured that out earlier…

THanks anyway :smiley: