Camera view

Sorry but I’ve had to post this thought :slight_smile:
I would like to be able to rotate and move camera without exiting camera view. I mean, I would like to be able to do this:

Switch to camera view (Ctrl+0) and then:
MMB click and drag = Orbit and rotate camera on local Z
MMB click + ctrl + x (+y) = Rotate camera on local X or local Y
MMB wheel = Move camera forward or backward (moving camera on local Z)
MMB wheel + ctrl = Change camera lenses

Well, that’s only my wish :slight_smile:

P.S. Can this be solved with python?

MMB click and drag = Orbit and rotate camera on local Z

Make the the 3d cursor your pivot point. Select the camera in camera view. Press ‘G’ tangent, then press ‘R’, then press ‘Z’ and then move your mouse around to rotate.

MMB click + ctrl + x (+y) = Rotate camera on local X or local Y

Same step as above but instead of ‘Z’ you press ‘X’ or ‘Y’

MMB wheel = Move camera forward or backward (moving camera on local Z)

Select the camera in camera view. Press ‘G’ tangent, then MMB. Move your mouse up or down to zoom.

MMB wheel + ctrl = Change camera lenses

Don’t know a shortcut for that.

Well, this is not what I haved in mind. Beside that I know all of those shortcuts.

To be more precise:

I would like to be able to work in camera view just like in normal view with that difference that camera is actually moving and rotating when I do MMB click+drag or wheel turning. Only addition would be that wheel + ctrl that would change lenses on camera. For now, as soon as we do MMB click+drag, view is switched to custom and camera stays in the same place.

That would be useful for lights also because we could orient hemi or spot lights more precise. And for instance wheel+ctrl could change SpotSi for spot lights.

And yes, I know for ctrl+alt+0 shortcut…

Am I more understandable now?

Yes I understand. You want it like in maya :wink:

why not just try Shift-F to enter fly mode (whilst in the camera view)

move mouse around - pan the camera

MMB wheel in/out - move camera forward or backwards

LMB - accept view (these are the basic controls)

look at the bottom of 3D window when in fly mode for more detailed controls!

onlt thing is you cant change lenses

Forewarning : what your are about to read may look somewhat unorthodox ; in an attempt to provide the best concepts to understand how the view are displayed I am doing away with some abuse of language like 'panning the view', 'rotating the view' when it is a virtual viewport camera that is moved or 'zooming' when it really is a camera that is "dollied" and no focal length is changed, which is the very definition of zooming.

Forget using these shortcuts : they are reserved for the viewport cameras for a consistent behavior into any viewport, including the so-called ‘camera view’. Yes in a ‘camera view’ (a bit of a misnomer), there is a viewport camera that is used to render the OpenGL view we get in that viewport and a rendering camera that you can see through the viewport camera in the shape of a rectangle with dotted windows inside it.

Some shortcuts are already reserved for these viewport cameras and these only, to get a consistent behavior out of them in any viewport. I guess that you know them but maybe you are mistaking, like most people, on what they do. It is usual to speak relatively to the view : orbiting the view, panning the view and (the worse) zooming the view (there is no zooming occurring, I’ll explain). All this is pure nonsense : only the camera can and is rotated and translated. The view is the result of moving the camera. No one can touch the view even less move it in any way. It is intangible.

  • MMB orbits the viewport camera around on its pivot point.
  • Ctrl + MMB (or MW alone) usually dollies the viewport camera (there’s another option, ‘scale’ but I just can’t see what it does more than dolly can do ; and no there is no easy zooming of the camera since to zoom means changing the focal length and this can only be done by setting up a parameter in View > View Properties > Lens :slight_smile:
  • Shift + MMB trucks the viewport axis of the planeIfaneIfaneIf you are not familiar with those technical terms go visit :

Since these shortcuts are already used to move the viewport camera, others must be used to move the rendering camera.

Select the camera in a 'caviNumpadumpad 0pad 0) and tpGkey

  • press Gkey to truck the rendering camera

  • if you set the widget transformation to ‘Local’, then you will be able to truck your rendering camera along the x axis of its view plane by pressing Xkey twice ; pressing Ykey constraints the trucking to the y axis of the view ; Zkey twice and now you dolly the rendering camera…

  • while trucking press MMB will also dolly the rendering camera.

  • press Rkey to rotate the rendering camera around its line of view.

  • while rotating press MMB to now orbit your rendering camera.Now that is not all and there is a shortcut to manipulate the world while the camera stays put ! It has no parallel into reality : imagine that you could stay immobile while the whole scenery around you, the planet, the Universe moved around you…

  • Ctrl + Alt + MW rotates the whole world around an axis that is parallel to the Zaxis but which goes through the middle of you view. That’s the best definition I can muster : try it as it has to be lived to be believed.

Well, I don’t know about you but for me,frankly, it’s hard to control camera in fly mode. Beside that, how can we orbit camera if fly mode?

Ok, there is no panning, rotating, zooming of view, there’s only rotation and translation of viewport camera. Man, I see that I must walk like in mine field in this forum…

Ok, but why then not to include some option for “gluing” render cameras for viewport camera? Oops, have I stepped on a nother mine? :slight_smile:

Depending on what I’m working on, I find I can get a lot of useful control by tracking the camera to an empty… I can think about “what is the camera focusing on” and “what is the camera’s angle” more independently that way, and I have a very concrete representation (the empty) rather than fiddling with funny zooming/flying from the camera perspective. Plus, moving the empty while in the camera view also allows some aiming. It’s probably not the kind of control you’re looking for, but I thought I’d toss it in with all this discussion of various ways of camera positioning.

but you can do this with ctrl+alt+0
… well, almost…

I give up…

Look : take a deep breath and relax, nobody is after you. When someone takes of his time to write a long explanation maybe, just maybe it is to help you not to attack you.

This option might be a good idea. It doesn’t mean that it would be easy to code : a lot might have to be recoded or moved around just to implement it. The resources in developpers are limited and what you’re asking is not a priority :

  • fristly, all the tools to manipulate the rendering camera are there and you could lean them.
  • secondly, seeing more than what’s is framed by the rendering camera is essential ; even in real life a good photographer learns to keep both eyes open if he’s not to miss half his opportunities.This was intended to help ; take it that way and life will be better.