Camera View

I also have another question… sorry… I haven’t run into this before working with small projects…

I worked on a boat using a reference image … resizing this image and going into Ortho view and
all… I cannot get my object into the camera view… I’ve moved the camera around, moved the object around and no luck… is there an easy way to get this moved into position so the camera can see it? I’ve been trying to get it into camera view for an hour now with no luck… am stumped…

appreciate your help

thanks ahead of time

Change these x and y values to position the image.

Thanks for reply… I also found out if I do Ctrl+alt+numpad 0 will get a camera view of the image I’m looking at… this is great… thanks…
have a good day

Oh, I see what you are doing. If you want the background image to the camera, then up there where you see Axis : Left?
Set to Axis : Camera.
But most people don’t model through the camera though, they model from one of the axises.
This is better because if you need to grab rotate or scale along an axis, you know which way it’s going to go, where as camera
it’s more challenging. After modeling then you position the camera to the view you want and yes if you find a view you like
then hitting Ctrl + Alt + 0 set’s the camera to that view.

Also be sure to select the “camera object” that you want to use, and specify that “this is the camera.”

(Hit spacebar, type the word “Camera” in the box. You’ll see it.)

I rarely model from camera-view, but I do try to look at the results in-progress from what I expect to be the camera-view(s) that I will eventually use to look at the thing. (Most of the time, in my shows, both the objects and the cameras are fairly fixed. The real-world objects also usually have far more detail than it is actually productive to show in-frame, so I’m studying what’s needed from the camera’s POV, basically to be sure that my many “cheats” won’t show.

Thanks fr reply… actually I wasn’t modeling to the camera view… I had done some things and was trying to see what it looked like but when I went to the camera view to check it, nothing was in the camera view… the instructions I was following, had you go into Ortho mode and by the time I created some things, and then went to camera view to render and see how they looked, nothing was in the camera view to look at and I was struggling to get something in the camera view… didn’t know the best way to get it there to view it… then I was reading tutorial for something and they had used the ctrl+alt+numpad 0 to set the camera view to what you were looking at… so then I could see how things looked …
appreciate your replies… I’m trying to learn this and keep running into some things and can’t figure out best way to do… have very much to learn…