Camera Viewport Quits Blender

Dear Sir,

When I change a viewport into a camara-viewport and afterwards use keys like: g (grab), r (rotate) or s (scale), Blender instantly quits. It also quits using mouse gestures for the same commands.

I recently installed new harddrives as a RAID(0), re-installed Windows-XP and had Sun-Java installed for a while.

Anybody :confused:

Check all your Video Card variables; drivers, color depth, hardware acelleration and anti-aliasing if you have it.


My graphic card is a Matrox-Millenium P750. I updated drivers to a januari-2006-version.

I re-installed a 2.40-version of Blender and this version doesnโ€™t have the problems above mentioned.

The Matrox-driver of august2006 made the difference.