camera views

hello guys.

how do i use more than one camera views on Blender.?

example : i place one camera view (A) on blender, but after i placed a second camera (B) view.

I can’t seem to see the (B) view, but only (A) always appears??

how do i make use/ apply of multiply camera views??

looking for an answer soon…from you guys.

answer for BLENDER and not the VA VINCI Code.

In Scripts under Animation there’s a camer changer script.

The camera changer script is great for animations. If you’re not animating and just want to change cameras in the 3D view, select a camera and use Ctrl-Numpad 0 to make it active. In fact you can make any object into the “camera” this way.

ok , thanks guys. yar i just want to change 3D views.