Camera Views

Hi, I have looked all over this forum for the answer to this seemingly simple question, but have yet to find the solution I need. All I want is to be able to switch camera views with the press of a button. Assuming I have set up 3-4 seperate cameras, what is the best way to go about this in the game engine?

I don’t know about Toggling but you can easily do it with multiple keys using Logic Bricks, here’s a simple one with just one camera (you won’t be able to change back with this coz i got no idea how to toggle :frowning: )

I hope i’m answering your question and not being an absolute idiot and answering something else… i’m pretty sure i am.

Ohwell, cya.

to toggle it you’d probally have to right a script that says on sensor positve do this and on sensor negetive do something else to chane to different views?

thanks for the help guys, I actually ended up taking a slightly different approach. I set up actuators on the camera for movement and rotation in every direction, so now you can move your view to anywhere you want. I guess thats even more useful than just toggling between two views…

yeah I would only use camera changes for cinematic effects… or for inside a vehicle or outside etc.