Camera width/length option

In past releases, the width and length options were near to the top in countless previous versions of blender. Now, in B2.69, it’s just gone…and I have no clue where it went. does anyone else know?

Select the camera, then under camera sensor change it from auto to horizontal / vertical. if you set one, the other is based on the resolution aspect ratio…

if you select the Horz or VErt option
does it means that the sensor size does count anymore?

and what happen to the render size ?

in auto optiion render max limites are function of sensor size !


the horz / vertical is width or height of the sensor size… the ‘auto’ function is a legacy option which was previously used in blender back in the day.

The render size is what you put in the render preferences, that will never change, the only thing which will change is the field of view.

there are only soft limits for sensor sizes, you can go higher / lower if you manually type in the number, but that being said you really shouldnt have rediculous sensor sizes at all.

i got problem before with that
increase the render X size it and it might increase the Vert value or the opposite

it changes size in viewport but also the render you do if i remember well!

to not have change on the real render i think you should work in manual mode instead of auto mode
or you may end up with surprise !