Camera Woes

I think this is more of a version question then anything else.
I am using the most recent NON-alpha version of Blender. I wanted to tie my camera to track a character but all I can do is track the constraints. (Which perhaps this is why I am having a problem but the constraints are not neccesarily where my character is.) The “old” manual simply says Track to object but I can’t I can only track to constraints.

Any help would be nice

PS I am curious why would anyone want to track to a constraint am I missing something?

Heh, it’s not “track to constraint”, it’s “track to” constraint. Check out the settings for it in the Constraints panel in the Object buttons.

OK I am dumber then I thought

Yeah the hot key (ctr T) made it look like I was out of options I didn’t realize that it was a constraint setting (Duh I don’t know what it would be.) I guess I just thought it would be a target parameter kind of like Lightwave. Well I fixed it thanks A LOT.

I appreciate it.
BlackManta :Z