Camera Wont Follow A (Circular) Path

Can someone please check the attached file and tell me what I did wrong?

I am trying to get a camera to follow a circular path, but the camera wont attach to it.




followingabadpath.blend (774 KB)

Delete the follow path constraint
Select the camera, holding shift select the curve and use Ctrl+P / Follow Path. Position the camera. Set the duration of the revolution in the Curve / Path Animation settings

The problem I have found with parenting the camera to a curve is the lack of control over the camera movement. I much more prefer creating a curve for the camera path. Make the origin of the curve either end, then add a cube at that location. Scale it down, then add a curve modifier. Now you can control the location, and speed of the cube with the graph editor.

Now we add a camera with the same origin as the cube. Select the camera, shift select the cube, press tab to go into edit mode, select 3 verticies on the cube (doesn’t matter which ones) and press Control “P” to parent the camera to the verticies.

Now for more control you can add an empty and track the camera to the empty. Ok, that sounded a lot more complicated than it is. Here is a tutorial on the process."

I have just found this method better. But as always YMMV.

the easy way works like dawgwood said. if you want to do it with a constraint, you have to change some things in your scene. apply scale to your path (CTRL-a). move the trackTo constraint to the bottom of the constraints stack. to animate the camera go to the Object Data tab for the path and change “Evaluation Time” in the Animation Path-options. for example: insert a keyframe (“I” while hovering over the “Evaluation Time” slider) with value 0 at frame 1, insert a keyframe with value 100 at frame 100.

The file should indicate I did add an empty as focus. It’s set at location 0,0,0. If you looked at the file, it may not have been completely apparent though, as the empty was set inside Suzanne, who’s center was also set at 0,0,0.