Camera won't render shadows


I have camera tracked a video using Voodoo, and imported it into Blender 2.5.3 (It doesn’t work with later versions). I have a UV sphere, a point lamp, and a plane which only accepts shadow.

I have set up nodes as per this tut: BlenderCookie Link

Bare in mind that I am quite new to compositing nodes. The only thing I changed is the ‘Image’ to ‘Sequence’ in the Image node.

The problem is, when I render, I can’t see the shadow - and the background render only works with one frame. Help?

The one one background frame rendering problem has been fixed. The problem still remains that the shadows don’t show up…?

My node setup.

Try switching the plane to Shadow Only instead of Shadow and Shading. Make sure transparency box is checked. Make sure shadows are checked on under your render tab. If none of that works I can try to think of more problems I’ve had.