Camera zoom animation

I’m using 2.5 Alpha 2. I animated the camera angle to zoom in, and you can see the numbers changing in the angle box when scrubbing through the timeline, but the 3d view doesn’t show the camera zoom in, nor does it render at the proper zoom. If I click the angle box and unclick it again, the 3d view refreshes, but I can’t just do this for every frame. What am I doing wrong?

That’s funny… someone else was asking similar questions just recently. I gave them a couple of blend file examples (initially for 2.5 then 2.49b because that’s what it turned out they were using) on this thread:

Hope the examples give a clue for what you’re after.

Okay, I figured it out. I was doing the same thing as you, only with the “degrees” mode, not “millimeters” mode. Millimeters mode worked just fine, but angles didn’t for some reason. Hope they fix that in 2.5 final. I sometimes find the degrees to match more with the way I think (wide angle, tight angle lens etc).

If you have keyframed the camera view using Degrees, and the numbers change properly when you scrub in the Timeline, then the view should change in both the 3D window & when rendering – if it isn’t then that’s a bug imo & should be reported.

In 2.49 and earlier you could keyframe the “Lens” channel for a camera regardless of what mode you have selected in the Camera properties panel.

Yeah I tested it multiple times with the same result. I’ll make sure to report the bug. The numbers change in the panel, but neither the 3d view or render update the camera properly until the user clicks the box with the numbers and unclicks again. Then the view changes for that specific frame but once again will not update the view during playback or when scrubbing along the timeline. Using Millimeters it works fine, but I had to rekey.

I can confirm that keyframing “Degrees” does nothing in 2.5a2. I recently d/l’d a new SVN version and will try it later to see if it’s been fixed yet.

EDIT: It’s been fixed in 2.52.5 build 30153-1454 available from This is a trunk build afaik so it should be good to go for most target OSs.

No need to do a bug report if it’s showing up fixed in trunk versions.

Cool thanks, I was going to test that once I got home, but you beat me to it :smiley: