Camera Zoom Issue

I use perspective mode for mos tof my works and for symmetry or side view I switch to ortho… Well, I run into a constant recurring bug/glitch/issue. After I switch back from Ortho mode, I can no longer zoom in with Perspective mode and it is quiet frankly annoying, when most of my work takes place in it and can not be zoomed in while I tinker… I mean I can use Ortho mode but rotating the camera is a nightmare in Ortho mode.

Well… I’m using Blender 2.7 now, finally left behind 2.4… Mainly cause of new features likes Cycles Rendering, and something deep down was hoping this issue was fixed…but I was wrong…

Only way I know to free myself of that is to completely start a new blender file… cause… I can close Blender and reload my .blend file, but that issue remains, cant zoom in when in Perspective mode and there is still untold amounts of room to zoom in… Only tiem camera is free is with a new ‘project’.

I’ve searched the forums but nothing I’ve found has solved my issue, my camera/viewport issue still remains.

Anyone have any idears on how to get this thing unstuck…

Well I be a monkey’s arse… The one button I didn’t press…Alrighty… I’m writing that down oin my notebook for future reference cause goodness knows Ill forget.

Thank you, SIr!