Camera Zoom

We are creating a FPS game and we need a process to create an in-game camera zoom. We have already rigged the character, created a weapons system and we are now working on the AI. We will be posting regular progress updates in the game engine WIP section.

Any help with the camera zoom will be appreciated.

urbanMonkey Team.

Animate the “lens” variable on the camera. Higher values = more zoom.

To do this, insert a lens keyframe (make sure that your mouse is over the editbuttons window with the camera selected), move forward however many frames, and then change the lens value to the desired zoom level. Insert another lens keyframe, and then use an IPO actuator to animate.

See the attached blend for an example. Press Z to zoom.



zoom.blend (35.9 KB)

you could just animate the lens, by changeing the lens stuff.
just above orthadoc you have a slider change the zoom there:

Thanks guys,

That information was very helpful, we really appreciate it. Also, thanks for the quick reply.

UrbanMonkey Team